Reality, a MultiValue database, application development and operating environment

It is the database and operating environment of choice for a wide range of organisations and businesses, from small enterprises to large 24×7 mission critical environments, returning great value and offering exceptional levels of resilience. From its first commercial delivery back in December 1973 into the 21st Century, Reality is the MV solution that’s kept pace with technology and features. From the original proprietary hardware it now runs on key host platforms as a highly efficient virtual machine.

MultiValue and relational (SQL-enabled database) Reality maintaining its original virtual machine concept along with open interfaces – using integrated ODBC/JDBC SQL, Web Services, JSON, HTML, TCP/IP Sockets and simple extensions to DataBasic – an extended Dartmouth BASIC language with exceptional database and string handling abilities. Remote calls can also be made in order to provide integration with open Java applications and Microsoft Visual Basic/C/C++/C# and .net.

You can also use Reality as a generic SQL Database that’s scalable, resilient, safe and secure.

With an integrated development environment, Reality provides investment protection for existing applications while allowing integration with new systems and new databases. Exploitation of the latest technologies is assured with Reality’s wide range of interfaces and options. Reality’s design ensures low cost of ownership through efficient use of hardware resources and ease of administration.

MultiValue, NoSQL?No SQL, non-relational

MultiValue databases also align with the emerging NoSQL – WiKi Lookup, or Not only SQL movement, being widely accepted to be more efficient and cost effective than relational databases.

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Reality … a continuous line from CMC in 1969… MicrodataMcDonnell DouglasMDIS… NIS…NPS to NEC Software Solutions.

MultiValue … Reality is a founder member of the international MultiValue Database Community. The multi-value nature of real world data goes beyond the two dimensional model of SQL and ODBC. The MultiValue Community has always prided itself on real world models for building databases.

International Spectrum … the premiere independent information resource for users and vendors for MultiValue.