Support of the Reality Product

For Service Level Agreement Support – Defined SLA (urgent support issues or queries), always contact your regional Support or Help Desk numbers in order to avoid any undue delay.

Note: If sending system details to us, e.g. via the Contact us page, always provide the SYSINFO command output in order to identify the Platform and Reality release, updates and configuration installation details. If this is a software fault report please refer to your support contract or local account management.

Make sure you have applied the latest updates and referred to FAQs…
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For support information and questions refer to Contact us.

Host Platforms and Application Acceptance Testing
For information on supported Host Platforms and the need for Acceptance Testing for the live production use of the Reality Product set please refer to the Host Platforms page.

Reality under Host Platform Virtualisation
Please refer to Are Virtualisation Platforms Supported

Also refer to the Reality Product set Licence & Copyrights page.

Full Product On-Line Documentation
… for the latest version, as frequent updates are made available.