Reality Revision & Update Compatibility

Reality releases are typically backwards compatible when restoring and accessing data – in that systems and databases on latest revisions and updates will operate correctly with data from previous systems.

In the unlikely event that an incompatibility exists after a Reality update then a migration path will be provided.

Also refer to the Release Information and Installation Guides for the release being used, as available on the latest Documentation page.

Depending on database structure improvements, being able to downgrade (where data is taken back to older releases) is not supported or guaranteed. The only exception to this is typically FailSafe transaction and clean log operation. For example, when upgrading releases, the Secondary is updated to the new release initially, leaving the Primary on the older release for a short period of time. Hence, transactions are applied from the older release to the latest release on the Secondary and, if necessary, the systems can be switched, so transactions can be safely applied from the latest release to the older. Also, clean logs from the latest release can be replayed into older release systems in the event of a required recovery. After a further short period the upgraded system then becomes the Primary until finally both systems are running the new release within a few days.

Please contact your local support for further information on issues relating to the above.