What could we do for you?

We would like to make you aware of services around Reality that we can provide, and would be pleased to speak with you if you need assistance or advice in any area.

Reality Core Product

If there is anything that you feel is missing from the core product  or that you feel needs improvement then please send suggestions to us.  All feedback is welcomed.

Consultancy Services

Below is a list of services that may be purchased from NEC Software Solutions in the Reality Arena. This list is not exhaustive so, if your needs are not catered for, feel free to make with contact us. This is merely a list that we thought might be of interest.

Assistance may be purchased for:

Web front ends/interfacing using

  • Realweb
  • RESTful/JSON
  • JReal

Integration (incoming/outgoing)

  • RESTful/JSON
  • WebServices
  • SQL
  • Java/.Net libraries using DataBasic Objects
  • Email


  • Server upgrade/migration
  • Data extraction
  • Data manipulation
  • Archiving

Document production

  • PDF
  • Text documents – DOC/DOCX/ODT
  • Spreadsheets – XLS/XLS/ODS
  • Other formats

Customised document production as above with

  • Tables
  • Images
  • Charts/Graphs
  • Styling


  • Alerts
  • Third party interfacing,i.e. Nagios etc
  • Housekeeping/optimisation


  • DataBasic
  • Documentation



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