Reality 15.2 – Latest Features

A Revision Update Adding Significant New Features:

In order to respond to customers needs for the first time new features have been added to Reality as an incremental update delivered as a Service Pack update to V15.1. While providing significant new features it has also allowed a close involvement with clients needing to move forward with the rapid change in collaborative data interfaces. While V15.2 is production released for all users the aim is to continue to work with clients to deliver further interfaces, refer to Further Extensions below that will also be delivered within subsequent Service Packs. For full details refer to the V15.2 Documentation, home page, under New Features.

  • Hyper Files
    One logical view of Reality data, with unique Item-IDs, that is built from a view into multiple physical data sections including indexes and via remote access.
  • Improved Security – T/Logging and User Passwords
    Clean Logs accessible for Auditing and Security, Multiple Clean Log deletion from TLMENU, Password configurable definition via SYSMAN SSM command.
  • DataBasic Debugging Enhancements – Improving R&D
    New debugger via Module(Main/Subroutines/Exceptions) Trap Commands, System Functions for Running Program Information, a Debugger ?(Help) command and other enhancements. If issues are seen a runtime "process dump " can be configured to log automatically and allow post event access to detailed support information for application analysis.
  • DataBasic Feature Enhancements


    • Email Application Programming Interface/API provides for high-level complex emails.
    • Updated and new Relational Expression Operators – MATCHE{ES} and MATCHFIELD.
    • Definable Runtime Compiler using SSM Environments for MultiValue or Reality versions.
  • DataBasic Object Server – DBO
    The Java syntax and external interface, introduced in V15.1 as chargeable option DBO, is now included as a standard feature from V15.2, along with ongoing optional enhancements.
    Latest Extensions: 
    RESTful Web Services – JSON – .NET Language Server (Objects within Assemblies)
    … to be made available as feature updates to V15.2 upon request.


    Available now, under Latest Product Component Updates, using the link below:
    DBO Languages Servers for .NET, updated July & Java August 2016 

    Contact us for further information if interested in using these emerging new DBO features.

Production Released Feb 29, 2016

For features within previous releases, including V15.0 & V15.1, refer to Feature Catch-Up.