Antivirus Software affecting Reality on Windows

Typically, loading Reality on Windows and subsequent operation is not affected by Antivirus Software. There are, however, a few items that are worth checking if this is causing issues

There are now many Antivirus Software products from simple freeware to highly configurable corporate versions which have varying default setups or configured by single system administrators or companywide IT policies.

NPS is not aware of specific issues with Symantec and other leading products using default setup. The following, however, should be considered and reviewed with any Antivirus Software that is running on Windows Systems loaded with Reality.
For example, AVG Software by default will object to the Reality Session Manager Service being loaded. You need to overwrite this action when prompted when installing Reality. Once allowed you will not be prompted during subsequent loads and updates.

  • Any Antivirus Software needs to be monitored to make sure it does not burn key system resources that you need for Reality and its users – e.g. CPU, Memory, Disk and Networking.
  • If configuring Antivirus Software allows then:


    • Key files used by Reality should not be constantly checked for virus signatures e.g.


      • Reality Databases
      • Log files in C:\Realman\V.R\files, where V=version and R=revision.
      • For T/L Systems Clean and Raw logs.
    • TCP/IP ports Reality and users need should not be blocked e.g.


      • 23 Telnet session manager
      • 1203 Reality session manager (DDA).
      • 2001 Failsafe authentication.
      • 3000 Reality Perl server.
      • 3080 Reality mini web server.
      • 3995 Java Web Start.
      • 52001 Reality remote tape server.

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