Demo New Feature Examples and Downloads ABORTS

The V15.1 Windows Demo program DEMOS aborts with RBASIC error:
External Basic run time error, cache reset

Under Windows, Start, Programs, Reality there is the option, Demos New Feature Examples and Downloads. At the bottom of this there is the link For Demos, New Feature Examples and Downloads, click on the icon link below:  Here there is a second link To access Feature Information and Demos on your System click on the following link: http://localhost:8080/servlet/reality/demo/DEMOS

This aborts with the error:
RBASIC error: External Basic run time error, cache reset.
[B16] Program DEMOS Line 116: Non-numeric data when numeric required; zero used.

  1. Download the fix database file from the FTP Server using the link: DEMOFIX.RTI
  2. Log into demodb SYSMAN account – use the command reality from a Windows Command Prompt. Check with a WHO, which should show Administrator (demodb,SYSMAN)
    … note Administrator above should be Windows ID of database owner i.e. who loaded the Demo.
  3. Now run the following from TCL:
    T-DEVICE 1 C:\DEMOFIX.RTI <<< Use the path where the downloaded file was placed.
    T-ATT 1
    ACCOUNT-RESTORE * (O <<< must use the O option to overwrite
    … the above should respond with ****, then Done…

Note: This also corrects the date the current evaluation date expires, reported when you log into the DEMO or SYSMAN accounts. Until this fix is applied it displays as The licence will expire current system date… future releases will extend this.

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