How can I see what compiler and emulation was used for DataBasic Programs

PRINT-CATALOG  should be used, rather than trying to access data from POINTER-FILE catalogues Items. Refer to the example given below.

PRINT-CATALOG SSM, as an example.

Compiled on : 12 Nov 14 at 09:11
Source : SYSBP SSM
Last updated : 12 Nov 14
Run Emulation : Reality v15.1                 << This is the MV Emulation used.
Byte order : Reverse                          << See below.
Title / comment :
Compiler version: DataBasic 15.1 Version 10.4 << This is the complier used.
Variables : GLOBAL(98), COMMON(4000)
Parameter list :


While Reality DataBasic source and compiled code is the same for all Host Platforms, when catalogued for runtime the code is specific to the Byte Order of the underlying CPU chipset – Reverse shows it was catalogued on a chip set like Intel.  For this reason when program code is transferred between CPU Machine types you need to re-catalogue, however, you don't need to recompile.

For further details, refer to PRINT-CATALOG in the Documentation Index, and also BASIC that details command use and using alternative compilers.

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