How to telnet into the Demo Database as SYSMAN

For security of your host platform you need to set a password to gain access to SYSMAN.

  1. Access the SYSMAN Account from a DOS command prompt, you can use the link created at install. Use Start, All Programs, Reality, Reality Demo, TCL to Reality database 'demodb'
    (If you enter WHO at TCL you should see: NNN user_id (demodb,SYSMAN)
  2. Then run the PASSWORD command,
    At the prompt "Please enter user id:", enter SYSMAN
    At the prompt "Enter new password:", enter your own new password
    At the prompt "Please re-enter your new password to verify:", re-enter your chosen password.
    (Refer to Forgotten Passwords: below)

You will now be able to logon to SYSMAN from a remote telnet port, providing the default TCP port (23) has not been used by another service on your System. If it has been used, then you can remap Reality to use another port, refer to the on-line documentation index, under telnet, subheading of default.

DEMO user_id Login – Security Notes:

  1. In order to secure your System you will not be able to LOGTO other accounts, like SYSMAN, or perform functions that would allow remote access outside the Reality Environment. This can be changed using the SSM command in the SYSMAN account. For further information refer to the on-line documentation index, under SSM Command, for details of setting up Network, User and Security Profile access information.
  2. Certain commands within Reality will not run when logged into the DEMO user_id
        Error "[5407] Insufficient security level for this statement."
    The security for the DEMO user_id needs to be changed and a password should then be applied, as per the SYSMAN user_id described above. To remove all restrictions on the DEMO user_id you need to run the SSM command and take option 3 (Define Security Profiles). Enter DEMO at "Security ID" and change field 19 (Shell Security Level) from "0" to "2" and use FI to file the changes.
    Do not forget to apply a password to the DEMO user_id otherwise your System's security could be compromised.

Forgotten Passwords:
Reality uses the SYSMAN "account" as the main security control account. As you loaded Reality as a Windows Administrator, the SYSMAN "account" will always be available to that Windows User. Just re-run the PASSWORD command, as described above, to reset the SYSMAN "User-ID" password.

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