Is there a way of creating database name alias

Currently we do not have a tool for creating a database alias, however you can follow the procedure below.

The following instructions create an alias for pdb called pdbcopy on Windows.

To do this you must be an administrator and have enabled views of hidden and system files in folder options in Windows Explorer.

Using Windows Explorer navigate to C:\ProgramData\NorthgateIs\Registry\Reality\Dbases

In this folder create a new folder and name it pdbcopy.
Right click on the folder and under the security tab add \Users with full control.
Now click on the pdb folder and you will see files called Dbase, Host, ID …
Right click Dbase and drag it into the pdbcopy folder to make a copy of this file.

In the pdbcopy folder rename Dbase to Link

So you now have:



With the contents of the Dbase and Link files being the same.

Users can now connect to either pdbase or pdbcopy and get to the same database.


For UNIX systems the process is similar, but create links to your underlying database names.

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