Loading License Keys – Difference on Windows to UNIX

When loading Reality license keys you will have been provided with one or two key files, which are simple text files, or keys as as simple text. You can use the following commands to either use a keyfile or type the keys in manually in response to the command.

The main difference between Windows and UNIX Host Platforms is that UNIX has a command installkeys that can be used to load both Reality system serial number key and feature keys from the same file which cannot be used on Windows.

For both UNIX and Windows there is the command Install_SN, that loads the system serial number key, and Install_Key, that loads feature keys, each command accepts a keyfile for input or by typing the keys in response to the command. For further information on these commands refer to the Documentation using the Index to look up each command.

Keyfiles with the serial number key embedded has a line similar to the following line, with feature keys as described below:
"serialno:***: 2265 43F8 6E7E H5E4 ED9G 7G3E : Serial Number 123456"…

Keyfiles with feature keys have lines similar to the below:
80001510:000: G974 3B2D 7CGA 4EC6 F622 5882 : REALITY V15.1/2
70031088:003: A4C5 E2DA B5BC F8B6 D6H6 DFA8 : 3 User Reality
70002522:000: DA22 747G HAG2 G9A8 4H7H 4468 : SQL/ODBC SW DEV KIT

As well as the commands mentioned above Windows can access the combined serial and feature keys loaded using the path DRIVE:\Reality\Bases\setup.exe command from the DVD/ISO delivery. If Reality is already loaded you can also use the Programs and Features (for older Windows Add/Remove Programs) for Reality from Control Panel. The screen looks similar as below.

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