MD's no longer have POINTER-FILE entries

Part of the upgrade process to V14.1 onwards removes the MD entry of POINTER-FILE as, by default, the SYSFILES POINTER-FILE is automatically used for lists and cataloged programs. Hence there is no need for accounts to have a Q/Pointer in the MD.

Updated – Aug 2014
Since V14.1 it has been possible to have a local POINTER-FILE in Accounts that store lists for compatibility with other MultiValue products, or for applications to make use of being able to have separate POINTER-FILEs in any Account. The default is still to use the SYSFILES POINTER-FILE for typical access to cataloged programs. The reason for removing the Q/Pointer is so that if Accounts have their local POINTER-FILE removed the system uses the default automatically without a fail condition.

However, if applications need to open SYSFILES POINTER-FILE for access you will need to put the Q/Pointer back in the MD – i.e. Q^SYSFILES^POINTER-FILE.
If you want to do this for all Account(s) permanently, including following future upgrades, you need to add an entry in the NEWAC,USER file.

001 Q

Updating all Accounts using UPDATE-ALL-ACCOUNTS.

A future update to Reality is likely to enable users to elect to retain the Account MD Q/Pointer to /SYSFILES/POINTER-FILE during a release upgrade.

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