Windows Server, Database is marked as dirty after Windows is shutdown

Windows Server 2008 needs a hotfix in order for a registry timeout to be set so that Reality can cleanly shutdown gracefully when Windows is.

It has been identified that Windows Server 2008 R2 (and Windows 7) will by default shutdown without waiting for Services, such as Realty deploys, to complete their shutdown sequence. For Reality this can lead to a dirty database, which needs a realdbck to check for any database inconsistencies and remove the error "database needs checking" message at Reality start up.

If you experience this issue a registry timeout value can be set to recover this action by Windows, however, you need to make sure the following hotfix has been applied.
For details of the required hotfix refer to Microsoft Knowledge base article 2549760.

You can then set a value for the WaitToKillServiceTimeout registry value. This will depend on how busy your system gets but a safe starting time is 20s, the default value that was used for previous versions of Windows.

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