Windows user login gives Permissions Problem

When you login to Windows this fails due to permission errors – Partition Access Problem

Telneting into reality database fails due to inability to access a database partition.

When Telneting into Windows the Reality process is started as Windows user 'Reality User' in group 'Reality Users'. This user/group can be local to the system, or in the customers domain.

Reality User is created by ntinstall and if at installation time the user had network administrator rights the user will be created in the domain.

Right click on a partition in the database (H.1\part.?) select Properties then Security tab will show permissions on the file. If the Reality Users group is in the domain then this problem may be fixed by switching to use a local Reality User.

Note the Reality User used to start Reality processes is listed in the the Event.log (in %REALROOT%\files) just after smanager starts up e.g.

Using 'localhost\Reality User'

This issue has been seen when running fine on Reality User in the domain, until a Windows update – which then appeared to generate the permissions problem.

The solution:

>ntinstall -l

This command will create local Reality User and Reality Users groups

>realserv -e

>realserv -s

Stops and starts services so that smanager picks up the new 'Reality User'

Now fix up access right to the database:

>mkdbase -RN dbase_name

Make sure you use upper case R otherwise the database will be blown away!

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