Reality Website, how to use and provide feedback

Top Menus
Clicking on the top level menus, like ABOUT US and PRODUCT will access the top page for each menu item…
… each of these also has sub-menus that will also be displayed when the top menus are hovered over.

Link Definition – “heading links”
All links on this site are in NEC Software Solutions “bold purple” and will underline when hovered over, depending on your browser settings:
e.g. a typical example is… please refer to the How to Use the Website page, which is a link to this page.

Pictures are also typically internal or external links and the symbols ►◄▲▼ may be used to highlight links.

Searching for Information
The content of all pages are content searchable, use the [ Search    ] box at the top of any page to enter keywords…
… e.g. resilience, SQL, ODBC, interface, sockets, documentation…
Searched for items found within [Content tabs] maybe on one of the hidden tabs rather than the top displayed tab. Until this is improved you may need to manually look into the other tabs on the declared page found. Using your browsers find tool will help locate the required search string within each tab.

Website Feedback

If you have any issues using this website or any feedback please select under [Basis for enquiry] using the Contact us form.