The evaluation is the same delivery and runtime as the full commercial product. When running in “evaluation mode” this does, however, exclude Resilient Options other than basic Transaction Handling and Boundaries, also used for SQL, and Incoming Web Services will run in a “data restricted” evaluation mode where data transfer is delayed.

Evaluation – Terms of Use:  NOT FOR COMMERCIAL USE! 
Reality provides a 3-user evaluation suitable for evaluation of the Reality product set, access to all documentation, demonstration of commercial applications and for educational and personal use.

Full licence keys are required for any commercial use and the excluded features mentioned above, including the extended Resilience Features – i.e. Shadow Database, FailSafe and Disaster Recovery. Refer to Product Licence & Copyrights

A limited time license for extended process counts, removal of the below runtime restriction and access to all extended features is available upon request. For any commercial use of Reality please contact us for details of required product licensing.

Runtime Restrictions – Need to reset “Interrupted use”, as Databases will close and all users will be logged off after 4 hours with connected users and will need to be restarted using the interrupted use reset. Refer to the Details of the Demo page for information on resetting for further use under Runtime Restrictions of the Reality Demo, as well as how to load and use.