Reality V15.2 Product Evaluation 3-process Demo for evaluation*1

Replacement Evaluation Keys, as previous ones expired June 30, 2017.

Please refer to the updated eval.rk file below which extends the evaluation for any new or existing systems even if expired.

Existing V15.1 Systems – Access new Evaluation Keys and then load the V15.2 Upgrade

Download a new key file, using link > eval.ryk < – e.g. use a right click and save as, then use install_key -i file_path to this new saved key file from a Windows or UNIX command prompt. The V15.2 Feature Update is then loaded as a Service Pack, refer to Latest Product Updates for V15.2. Note: As loaded as a Service Pack V15.2 uses the same version key as V15.1 – i.e. 80001510:000

New System Installs – First access and load the V15.1 Release delivery, using the form below

Once the form is submitted an instant confirmation email will be sent to you containing a unique temporary web link to the following downloadable files, along with additional product installation information.
Note: When submitted and accepted this page will update with a “Thank you…” and a reminder to check your email Inbox.

  • Zipped DVD/ISO image file covering all Host Platforms with Windows having a simple click loading.
  • Optional incoming Web Services zipped ISO file, refer to the Products page for further information, under the [Interfaces] tab.

When loading V15.1 you will need to use the new evaluation keys then later load the V15.2 update as described above.

Please contact us for further information, to evaluate restricted feature options or have access to larger user connectivity.

*1You must refer to Terms of Use, including the interrupted use reset when under product evaluation and other conditions.

[Product Evaluation Request Form]

Please provide details of any current Reality or MultiValue product and versions you use in the [Comment] box below.

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